Our aim is to help children with learning problems such as reading speed, crossed laterality, dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit (ADD), attention deficit with hyperactivity (ADHD), executive attention functions, memory etc..., through technological applications . We have also begun work on stimulating people who show cognitive impairments related to attention and memory, such as older people.

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Cognitive stimulation : We research, study and apply cognitive stimulation exercises for students with or without learning difficulties. This type of exercises can also be used for other sectors of the population that have affected areas such as attention, memory, executive functions etc.... These students with learning difficulties can become as intelligent as their peers with the appropriate support. 



We can also use cognitive stimulation to exercise attention and perception in the adult environment. Higher cortical functions would be related to psychological memory capacities. An affectation of these functions would cause loss of validation (carrying out basic activities, dependence and disability by themselves if the cognitive deterioration has started).


Interaction and motion detection : We develop applications based on the new tools that appear, such as virtual reality glasses, Kinect type motion detectors, Leap Motion, HTC .  We can adapt these tools to applications or educational platforms, as well as adapt them to different programming languages. 


Virtual Reality and personalization : The activities carried out can contain a personalized follow-up program, adaptations. 

1. Estimulación Cognitiva

2. Realidad Virtual

3. Compromiso

methodology for improve learning processes

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