About me

I am Federico Cerón , teacher, psycho-pedagogue,  researcher, ...


A few years ago, working as a teacher in a rural school, I began to develop, classify and test a series of resources on students who had various learning difficulties...



The Method

After discussing the most significant improvements with a working group at the University of Lleida, I made a small selection of the materials , and applied them to students for more than two years. The surprising results, students with different disorders, improved their performance significantly. Later, a partial implementation in a school of a complete line .

The last few years I have dedicated them to compiling all the scientific literature of a neurological nature, and to preparing and developing better materials. But also to find a technology that would allow its implementation in the classroom. 




The materials produced always have a basis in scientific literature. Therefore, there is a theoretical basis that should support students' improvements.


It is not just a methodology to be used in a classroom. Its applications can range from the creation of mathematical content, to the training of senior citizens ...


Neurolearning  Potmath

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